Techimp Impianti S.p.A. offers

Engineering, drawing up of designs, working drawings.
Supplyng of materials.
Workshop manufacturing of panels, control units.
Electro-instrumentation assembly and installation.
Test, alignments, commissionig and start-up.
Supervision of the works, quality assurance organisation and/or management.
Systems maintenance, reconverions and trasformations.

 In the following fields

Electric installations for signal and power.
Stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, installations for pneumatic, hydraulic control and process system and gaseous system in general.
Installation of electrical components and instruments. 
Installation of power boards, control panels, DCS.
Electric, electronic and penumatic signalling installations.
Cathodique protection system installations with sacrifical and impressed current anodes.

 For the following applications

Electric distribution
Electric power stations
Iron metallurgy plants
Chemical and petrolchemical plants
Pharmaceutical plants
Food plants
Textiles plants
Cement factories
Pipe lines, gas depression stations
Gas compression and separation station
Off-shore platforms
Ships and Floating docks