The company's most important equipment are:

n° 3 Lorries with crane
n° 3 Excavator
n° 20 Vans
n° 25 Cars
n° 10 Power generator
n° 25 Welding machines
n° 20 Motor welding sets
n° 15 Electric threading machines
n° 10 Insulation test and earth measures
n° 2 MT insulation test
n° 7 Cable winches
n° 14 Bobbin-lifting couples
n° 5 Electrocompressors
n° 3 Box complete laboratory instrument
n° 35 Box housing
n° 3 Prefabricated work shop

Office portacabine, Toilets/showers portacabine, Changing rooms portacabine, Warehouse containers, portacabines for pneumatic calibration.